Completed work

OÜ Mööblirestauraator owns 400 m2 workspace in Tartu. Our employees have gone through intra-company training and obtained sufficient practical experiences. Our main client is a private person. Following list contains public buildings, where we have done our restoration work.

- Villa Margaretha old furniture restoration
- Pärnu courthouse – doors, furniture of halls.
- Song Festival Museum
- Varangu Manor – old furniture
- Tammistu Manor – old furniture
- Corporation Filiae Patriae historical restoration of furniture.
- Mäksa Manor – furniture
- Corporation Fratervnitas Liviensis historical restoration of furniture
- Universitys Old Caffe
- Rapla courthouses new hall furniture modeled by old furniture.
- Räpina Manor – windows
- Võru 1. Primary School new windows
- Abakhani quarter in Tartu (new windows)
- Heimtali Manor – interior doors
- Tartu University interior doors restoration (north side)
- Kotka Yacht Store - restoration of boarding details on a different motor yacht
- Tartu Postimees – windows
- Raua 25 apartment buildings historical interior and front doors.
- Estonia Resort Hotel & Spa mural painting
- Office buildings historical windows restoration in the center of Helsinki (Aleksanterinkatu 44)
- TÜ old anatonikum interior doors
- TÜ old anatonikum historical furniture
- Restauration of Tartu Observatory historical furniture

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