furniture restauration

Furniture Restoration

We will restore the original appearance and function of object. For this, we use authentic work methods and polishing. Restoration is not a "rocket science" but patient and purposeful work that offers emotional satisfaction to the restorer. We believe that client receives same emotion!
new furniture making

New Furniture Making

Furniture production is our second business alongside restoration. Over the years, we have dismantled, forked, fixed and made new details to many pieces of furniture. Thanks to our experiences we have many clever solutions alongside modern work techniques. They able us to make complex joinery works.
door and window restoration

Restoration of Door and Window

Mainly, we are specialized in buildings blanking cap restoration and building. We own National Heritage license for that work.
door and window making

Restoration of Door and Window

We make historic wooden-frame windows, doors as well as copies of antique doors and windows. We own National Heritage license for that work.
interior cosmetics

Interior Cosmetics

Cosmetic freshening of interior details and furniture is the removal or hiding of defects, scratches and stains that are consequence of wrong use. This is our new service, which we offer, when it is impossible or not worthwhile to bring entire object to our workshop.
furniture copy making

Copies of the Furniture

If you have lost a piece of furniture or you want that then it is possible to get them only by showing picture or missing part on existing object.

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